Career Counseling Day - CCD

"Career Counseling Day" is the initiative taken by Muhammad Basit Rana, MBR HR WALAY, in October 2019. CCD provides a professional career counseling platform to Career Counseling professionals, and practitioners in Pakistan. It provides opportunities for to Youth in finding the right career path with the help of CCC graduates who graduated from the HR WALAY Institute.

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Certificate in Career Counseling - CCC

CCC course has been initiated and designed in March 2017 by MBR HR WALAY. The purpose is to fill the gap and provide professional career guidance to the Pakistani Youth.

Our effective training develops the capacity in discovering Personality, Character, Traits, and Invisible Skills of counselee. It is designed by considering current local market need of professional and individual of Pakistan. We train and transform career counseling skills to develop right and sustainable career path.

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Virtual Meet

Since April 2021, by considering market needs, HR WALAY Virtual Meet was initiated by MBR. The purpose is to invite senior professionals to share effective knowledge for the audience to learn virtually. It is based on interactive methodology and latest best practices via virtual platform.

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Go Career

It is professional career counseling services at HR WALAY Career Center. It includes Career Counseling, Career Assessment, Interview skills, and Career Guidance etc.

Meet HR WALAY to help explore your interests and design your career path.

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Invest to Learn

Great opportunity to upskill in nick of time. We provide opportunities for focused learning in fast-paced sessions. A quick and effective way of professional training within 3-4 hours build your capacity for productive results.

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Resume Clinic

Resume Clinic is for you to make smart decision and let us do the work for you. We provide best and cost-effective resume-writing services. We know exactly what employers are looking for and to make you the best candidate.

Hurry Up! Get SMART Resume for SMART Results!

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HR WALAY YouTube Channel

We create and develop a series of learning videos on HR WALAY YouTube channel. We consult various books, articles, abstracts, and research papers in preparation for our videos and provide the best knowledge to the learning market.

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This initiative was taken in November 2015 by MBR HR WALAY and launched publicly as ‘SEEKHO SEEKHAO” under the segment of HR WALAY Campus Drive. This program helps to eliminate obstacles, difficulties, or stumbling blocks of students might encounter. In order to make the whole program, effective students should be encouraged to freely ask questions and express themselves in order to gain practical knowledge from experienced professionals.

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We provide a platform to everyone who thinks that s/he has marked a success story in life and who believes in doing wonders by initiating new ideas and benefiting people. Our main purpose is to give market exposure to others by recognizing their success stories and publishing it openly on social media.

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HR WALAY Campus Drive

The main focus of HR WALAY Campus Drive is to tap the untapped areas of career counseling and career development where fresh graduates are considered to be the primary focus of concern. This practice provides a clear understanding of career development for students, regardless of job duties or position, and develops liaison with industry. It includes formal courses and certificate programs. Placement is another opportunity for all the participants in their relevant fields and industry. Our industry relationships help us to provide the best suitable workplace for potential candidates.

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MBR Ideology provides opportunity for HR professionals to SPEAK for The Reason. So what exactly is HR WALAY BOL, it is a platform which encourages dialogue over anything and everything under the sun. Our only rule – as long as it is a fruitful dialogue and the readers end up taking something positive from it – rest assured we shall speak of it!

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HR WALAY Library

Only for Learners for their Learning Benefits, you can access HR WALAY Library (Google Drive) to find learning materials related to skills development, human psychology, neurosciences, inspirational, human resources, videos/articles, abstracts, e-books, pdf and much more.

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HR WALAY Local Meetup

HR WALAY Local Meet-up is an informal gathering of professionals, the purpose of meet-up is to revitalize local professional community and help people around by general knowledge sharing. The event believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.

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It is specifically designed to gather professionals in one platform to share knowledge. We mainly focus on collaborative discussion and share knowledge related to the latest best practices. It is scheduled every first Saturday of each month.

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HR WALAY Reading Shots

Since 2015, HR WALAY is running knowledge sharing campaign via Whatsapp comprises of Professional Blogs, Articles, Instructive Case Studies, Learning Events, International/Local Professional Practices, Inspirational and Quotes/Videos for readers.

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