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Since 2015, HR WALAY is running knowledge sharing campaign via Whatsapp comprises of Professional Blogs, Articles, Instructive Case Studies, Learning Events, International/Local Professional Practices, Inspirational and Quotes/Videos for readers.

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HR WALAY Campus Drive

The main focus of HR WALAY Campus Drive is to tap the untapped areas of career counseling and career development where fresh graduates are considered to be the primary focus of concern. In this world of competition, there are number of educational and business institutes that are giving lots of business graduates to the market with very few opportunities for them in finding better relevant jobs, HR WALAY Campus Drive focuses on providing adequate learning and counseling sessions to the students to make them choose the career of their interests.

Awareness is not just training but it is a prerequisite. Its purpose is to focus attention on career. This practice provides clear understanding on career development for students, regardless of job duties or position. Learning is geared to understanding the career aspects of the particular fields and helps them to choose the best area of expertise to excel. Participants who participate in our learning sessions learn to enhance job performance, career growth and skills improvement. Education differs from training in both breadth and depth of knowledge and skills acquired. It includes formal courses and certificate programs. Placement is another opportunity for all the participants in their relevant field and industry. Our industry relationships help us to provide best suitable workplace for potential candidates.

Invest to Learn

A series of focused learning sessions to engage, interact and giving modern learner autonomy.

These great fun, fast paced sessions are often the best choice for training for your team. These quick and effective ways of learning sessions are, specific topics for your team, designed to deliver comprehensive half day sessions (3-4 hours) in the context of learning, education and training.

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Resume Clinic

We all know that "First impressions are lasting ones." Well, your resume is your brochure and most important first meeting with prospective employer. It’s an art to express yourself and sell your expertise effectively in a resume to get your dream job. The main purpose of the resume is to get the interview and a slight typo in spelling, punctuation, grammar, or format could decline your success in pre-interview process so do not let inaccuracy make your resume weak and reduce your chances to get your dream job.

Resume Clinic is for you to make smart decision and let us do the work for you. We provide best and cost-effective resume-writing services. We assure you to receive effective and impressive documents to be delivered on given time frame. We know exactly what employers are looking for and to make you the best candidate.

Hurry Up! Get SMART Resume for SMART Results!

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HR WALAY YouTube Channel

We create and develop a learning video series to spread knowledge in a more interactive way for people to enjoy learning. We consult various books, articles, abstracts, and research papers in preparation for our videos and provide the best knowledge to the learning market.

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HR WALAY Library

Only for Learners for their Learning Benefits, you can access HR WALAY Library (Google Drive) to find learning materials related to skills development, human psychology, neurosciences, inspirational, human resources, videos/articles, abstracts, e-books, pdf and much more.

Here is the link

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Go Career

“Go Career” is a series of career counseling services for Youth and Professionals. It is very beneficial for professionals to select and establish their career.

Meet HR WALAY to help explore your interests and plan your career goals.

It includes Career Information & Assessment, Job Hunt, Interview Success, Career Guide, Promotion Seekers, Career Building Skills, Personal & Professional development and Setting up Business etc.

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