HR WALAY, an HR Family, is the brainchild of Muhammad Basit Rana – MBR founded in 2014. Initially it was ‘HR WALA’ that used to share knowledge on social media for awareness purposes but later on started to motivate people, engage with them, converse and convince them to believe in the power of sharing knowledge for the sake of benefiting people. Share-Read-Learn-Stay Connected is the core belief of HR WALAY that transforms ideas into actions which is now becoming a new market trend in Pakistan.

MBR’s core idea, which he calls it an Ideology, is …

Sharing 21st century knowledge/experiences for the sake of benefiting others which can strengthen belief and minimize fear factor of losing knowledge. It doesn’t require money but only to convince our minds to share our experience by excluding the factor discrimination.

Reading books or experiences, this can empower one’s self- confidence, knowledge and motivates to build a stronger foundation to face the world.

Learning, a true knowledge, is a continuous process throughout life which can be earned by share, read and experience of implementing it. The ultimate true benefit a human being can take from others is by sharing their learning socially, personally and professionally.

Staying Connected with your social friends, colleagues, peers, students, family and mainly yourself makes you alive, stronger and broadens your learning horizons without limits. It can help in various acts like helping, nurturing, growing, expanding network, engaging minds, team work, lifelong associations, exploring new friends, build respect for each other and list goes on … there is no limit to this amazing mind stimulating life changing experience.

We all need to take advantage and implement this wonderful ideology individually to work together for a better living standard and working approach.

Initiatives taken so far are HR WALAY Meetups, Campus Drive, HR WALAY BOL, HR WALAY Reading Shots, I AM HR WALAY, Reiki Conscious Meetup, Invest to Learn, Resume Clinic, Local Meetup, HR WALAY Insightful Quotes and much more ..

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Our goal is to nurture people by knowledge sharing, reading together, learning experiences and staying connected for the development of people and builds them a better successor in their lives. And to provide cost-effective 21st century learning opportunities for the people.

HR WALAY is committed to becoming the best-run learning & development platform in Pakistan by supporting people to achieve their goals in the region to grow and succeed. It will help your people develop the skills they need to achieve their goal.

Become the prime family of professionals by attracting, sustaining, and inspiring great people, with great passion, working for a great purpose by following HR WALAY ideology.

We aim to provide the best learning platform for individuals/professionals in Pakistan to support industries and nurture better successors. Our support and services through leadership, excellence, innovation, and engagement is to enrich the work and learning environment for people.
HR WALAY aspires to be an HR Family of experienced professionals coming together helping hands for professional industry in Pakistan to educate, train and counsel professionals. It targets to cater for fresh graduates and experience professionals to choose their relevant career paths and grow within their specialized field of work in an effective manner. We aim to develop and transform as well as simplify the approach towards making people management activities efficient and simpler, which results in cost effective solutions for the positive contributions in business and sectors these professional may serve.

We are HR Family of high caliber and experienced professionals from different industries and educational background, from Senior Management to Mid-Level Management.

And as the list is ever-growing, we recommend that you come and join us so that you can keep abreast with the number and strengths of people who are your on-the-go HR partners.

HRWALAY is specifically for professionals to share knowledge, experiences, Books, Articles, Blogs, Ideas and Stay Connected to benefiting others.

Muhammad Basit Rana - MBR is a Business Ally whose focus is driving best-of-class as well as considerable learning regime among the society. MBR has played influential role in bringing change throughout his professional life of 17 years and with his associations has held various management positions in renowned conglomerates of UAE & Pakistan. MBR has practical exposure, knowledge and has a broad range of responsibilities ranging from Human Resource Management, Business Development, Customer Services, Administration and Sales & Distribution Management with an excellent track record of success. MBR believes in optimism to transform his learning and experiences with positive psychology among people. Author of 'SEEKHO SEEKHAO', 'HR Dialogue', 'Salesman's Day', 'Career Counseling Contributing Factors' and much more ...

Learning Sessions Series

We offer a wide range of learning programs from Days to Hours, from One-on-One to Public sessions and facilitate people from corporate to individual broadly covers as follows:

We offer a wide range of training programs, broadly covering the following professional aspects of learning:

• Leadership, Management and Business Skills • Personal Effectiveness & Behavioral Skills • Human Resource Management & Laws & Practices • Career Counseling • Soft-Skills Development programs • Inspirational sessions

Our Running Sessions: Virtual Job Hunting, Discover You Intelligence, Personality Development, Effective use of Social Media for Career Development, Resume Building, Interview Skills, Eleventh Hour Ghost, Team Building, Presentation Skills, Attitude Building, Coaching Tips & Tricks, Leadership Development, E-mail Writing Skills, Interview Tips ‘n’ Tricks, Business Communication, Human Resource Management, Appraising Achievement and Performance, Customer Services & Excellence, Interpersonal Communication, Leadership & Supervision Skills, Change Management, Conflict Resolution and list goes on. We also conduct customized learning sessions as per the requirements.